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  • Dish brush, horse hair

    Product Description

    Dish brush for delicate items such as crystal and silver. Cleans better than plastic brushes while being soft and gentle to delicate surfaces. Carries more liquid and detergent due to the thin hair.

    This exclusive brush can still be used on daily basis and will last many times longer than a dish brush made out of plastic.

    • – Bristles made of horse hair
    • – Rubber coated rim and handle
    • – Superior grip.
    • – Excellent for use on silver, Teflon, china and many other items and delicate products.
    • – Lasts very long as horse hair don’t get misshaped in hot water
    • – Can be boiled for disinfection
    • – Available in black & white and blue & white
    • – 9.5 x 2 inches